Documents for transportation

Transport company "Leontev" guarantees correct registration of transport-accompanying document.

Such documents are necessary for a cargo transportation of the general setting:

  • Waybill,
  • Invoice on the transported load.

As a rule, invoice is written in quadruplicate.

A top copy remains for a sender of the load and it is intended for amortizing of invoice from the storage. All of packing damage, placing and mounting of load in the car body are fixed, brought a driver in invoice and notarized by sender. |It is a legal foundation for producing of claims against a sender, and take off liability from a carrier for possible damages in the process of transporting.

The second, third and fourth copies are notarized signatures and seals (by stamps) of sender, by the signature of driver and handed a driver.

A driver gives back the second copy to the consignee for posting of TMC. In the case of disparity of actual presence of commodities or rejection in quality, which is set in an agreement, the information is indicated in cover documents. It is necessary to draw up a report which is the legal base for producing of claims to supplier must be made. It is necessary to note about drafting of act in invoice.

The third and fourth copies, notarized signatures and seals (by stamps) of consignee should be return to the book-keeping of a transport organization.

Third copy is a foundation for the calculation of paying for transportation; a transport organization adds to the account for transportation and sends a payer-customer.

A fourth copy is added to the waybill and serves as ground for the account of a transport work and extra charge of driver’s wages.

Except for the documents listed above, taking into account the features of the transported loads, a driver must have:

  • while in transportation of dangerous loads a driver must have ADR training certificate for drivers’ vehicle carrying dangerous goods;
  • while in of transportation of perishables should be a list of checks of temperature of the load and air in the car body, quality of products certificate, quarantine certificate, veterinary certificate;
  • while in transportation of oversize loads should be the special permit of transportation of oversize load.