Transport company "Leontev" offers a range of high quality services:

  • International transportations from/to EU and CIS countries

    International transportations from/to EU and CIS countries

    Transport company "Leontiev" carries out transportation of goods throughout Europe and the CIS countries. We deliver the goods with our transport to Germany, Holland, Belgium, Poland, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic and other EU countries. Our drivers are professionals of the highest level, with extensive experience in European countries. With them loads of our customers will be delivered at your destination right on time.
  • Transportation of goods within the European union

    Transportation of goods within the European union

    With its own transport and CEMT books, our company provides transportation on the territory of the European Union. This gives an additional advantage to customers who need to pick up the goods from different EU countries, consolidate it into one of the warehouses in Poland, and then deliver the entire machine or collection in Ukraine.Development of logistic patterns of any complication.
  • Driving vehicles

    Driving vehicles

    For more than 20 years period, our company was established team of professional drivers who can deliver any vehicle or trailer.
  • Refrigerate transportations

    Refrigerate transportations

    Professionalism and great experience of our employees allow transportation of food in maximally possible terms in accordance with the task of the customer. Our company has transport with refrigerator options which allows the transportation of any goods over long distances.
  • Transportation of dangerous (АDR) cargoes

    Transportation of dangerous (АDR) cargoes

    All vehicles of "Leontev" are equipped with the complete sets of ADR, and drivers have the necessary certificates, which gives us the right to carry dangerous goods. In addition, our staff will help clarify the basic principles of transportation and, if necessary, help to prepare documents for the transportation of such goods. Currently, transport of dangerous goods is one of the specialties of the company.
  • Transportation of out-of-gage loads

    Transportation of out-of-gage loads

    High professionalism, a great many years of experience of our staff, speed and individual approach to the challenges allow to provide services for the transport of oversized.
  • Transportation of assorted ladings from/to Europe and CIS countries

    Transportation of assorted ladings from/to Europe and CIS countries

    With its own transport, we can ensure the delivery of small consignments from the EU to Ukraine. We can also consolidate your cargo in a warehouse in Poland and deliver it to Ukraine at the optimal price.
  • Freight forwarding

    Freight forwarding

    Our company has successfully formed and works department of the expedition, which, thanks to the accumulated base carriers can provide fulfillment of orders of any size and complexity. It should also be noted that the company "Leontev" freight forwarder has a liability insurance, so you can be absolutely quiet for the cargo.
  • Customs brokerage services

    Customs brokerage services

    Our specialists will help on all stages of custom registration: to define the code of HS commodities, to calculate custom payments, place a load under corresponding custom procedure, to prepare the package of concomitant documents, provide rapid custom registration.