Freight forwarding

Our company has successfully formed and works department of the expedition, which, thanks to the accumulated base carriers can provide fulfillment of orders of any size and complexity. It should also be noted that the company "Leontev" freight forwarder has a liability insurance, so you can be absolutely quiet for the cargo.

To freight forwarding also belongs:

  • analysis of the request of the client and terms of transportation, 
  • custom services (customs clearance of load), 
  • preparation of optimum pattern of cargo delivery to the destination, 
  • determination of the terms of transporting,
  • organization of cargo insurance, 
  • organization of packing of loads,
  • other types of works and services which are needed for the client.

Freight forwarding activity of our company allows optimize the process of the transportation maximally, supervise saving of the load in accordance with the rules of forwarding, and also enables reducing a freightage, keep to the determined delivery dates and solve any other problems which arise during the transportation.