Transportation of out-of-gage loads

High professionalism, a great many years of experience of our staff, speed and individual approach to the challenges allow to provide services for the transport of oversized.

We use the different types of platforms which match the proper type of out-of-gage loads: for transportation of oversize equipment, building machines and other technique. It can be platforms, platforms-trailers, semi trailers of the type “Giant” and also trailers with all of the necessary equipment for loading and uploading, for fixing of load etc. We take into consideration not only a size but also a weight of load that is why we use the low-bed semitrailers of different carrying capacity.

Transportation service of out-of-gage loads include:

  • Development of optimal pattern of delivery;
  • Selection of necessary lorries;
  • Development of the additional equipment for transportation of non-standard freights;
  • Optimization of terms and cost;
  • Complete control iof transported cargo;
  • Services of custom clearance;
  • Getting necessary permissions in countries, through which freight will be transported.

We undertake all the difficulties of the transportation process; at the same time will help define an optimal route, type of transport in order that you could save time and money on carrying out-of-gage loads.